Leopoldo Jacobsen

Leopoldo Jacobsen

My clients and friends often call me Leo because it’s simpler. My journey in the web design realm began in 2006 when I created my own gaming blog. To accomplish this, I learned HTML, CSS, and used Photoshop to create custom images. Since then, I’ve continuously honed my online skills, optimizing website SEO for Google AdSense earnings. Eventually, I mastered Google Ads to increase website visitors.

In pursuit of further education, I attended college and earned a degree in Information Systems in 2015. My focus has been on project development and its subsequent stages—marketing and acquiring more visitors, leads, patients, and sales through both paid and organic strategies. With over 8 years of professional experience and a total of 17 years of curiosity and learning, I bring extensive knowledge to this market.

After years of launching businesses, testing campaigns, and exploring placements, I’ve gained a deep understanding of the key metrics that define success and the necessary actions to achieve it. Your needs are unique, differing from those of other projects, offices, or practices. Allow me to help you identify these specific needs and implement targeted actions to reach your goals.


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